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Who are we?

Welcome to Van Den Berg Immobilier by Agence Hamilton, a real estate agency specialising in character and prestigious properties across Corrèze.

Are you looking for a country house in Corrèze? Or a small, discreet holiday home in the middle of nowhere? Perhaps a prestigious property with a swimming pool; a place to enjoy your retirement in tranquil surroundings, whilst being close to nature? You will find the property that perfectly matches your criteria thanks to the expertise and network of Van Den Berg Immobilier by Agence Hamilton. We have over 20 years of experience uniting character properties across Corrèze with prospective owners.

All our consultants are passionate about character properties. With their enthusiasm for the region and wide-ranging knowledge of Corrèze they are waiting to lead you to the property of your dreams. From the moment you are greeted in Ayen we want to listen to your needs, we want to understand your dream property and we want to be part of your journey to a new home. It is for this reason that we offer a bespoke and tailor-made solution to every client.

Would you like to purchase a property or do you have a property you hope to sell? Would you like to receive a fair price for your property or obtain advice on your property development plans? Do not worry you have come to the right place! Step through the doors at Van Den Berg Immobilier by Agence Hamilton and you will discover an agency that not only has over 20 years experience in the market but an agency where trust, accessibility and transparency are our core values. We would be happy to help you with your next step whether it is a purchase a sale or a development.

A brief history…

Van Den Berg Immobilier was founded in 1999 by Pieter Van Den Berg, who was passionate about character properties with authentic charm and incredible stories. In 2023, the real estate group Selection Groupe joined Van Den Berg Immobilier through shared commercial values and a value-based vision of real estate that focuses on the human aspect of the transaction: trust, integrity and respect. Van Den Berg Immobilier is now Van Den Berg Immobilier by Agence Hamilton.

Thanks to Agence Hamilton’s expertise in prestigious properties and Van Den Berg Immobilier’s passion for character properties, our teams are able to offer you a range of properties from the traditional small house in the countryside with the irresistible and inviting charm, to the prestigious property with spectacular views. This collaboration benefits not only your properties but also your property searches as property listings will now reach an even greater audience across the whole territory whilst we retain the tools and knowledge required to respond to your needs not only in a prompt manner but with professionalism and diligence.

We look forward to discussing your requirements with you, face to face at our new estate agency Van Den Berg Immobilier by Agence Hamilton.

Where you can find us

Agence d’Ayen- 43 Rue des Remparts, 19310 Ayen, 05 55 25 28 00 -